My Morning Routine

Now I want to make a video on this. It will definitely come…

I’ve switched up my routine a little bit lately.

Wake Up

Instead of waking up at 7/8 I am now waking up at 5AM Every Day. No butts. Consistency is key when it comes to feeling like you’ve gotten a good enough rest. My room has a heating fan so It’s warm when I wake up making it easier to get out of my warm bed into a warm room. Then my Phillips Hue fade in for 30mins before my alarm to let my body know that It’s time to get out of bed and start the day.

Gym or Shower

I’ll typically go to the gym M/W/F. After wake up It’s get dressed and head to the gym or taking a shower. Sometimes I take cold showers too.


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Is the Key ;)

After that, I’ll do my teeth routine and grab a warm cup of coffee.

Get to Work

After that, It’s time to put my headphones in and sit down to work. I’ll typically start off with a blog post or editing a video for the day. Then I’ll review my stock positions for the day or week. One thing I’ve been struggling with in the stock market is calling a reversal too early without conformation. Trust me I’ve paid the price.

I use a moleskin for all of my todo’s and tasks for the day. That’s it, that’s my morning routine. What’s yours? Let me know on Social Media!


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Trading comes down to beating my emotions. Take care of yourself ladies and gentlemen... I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please leave a like down below if you got any value from my video. Have a great day!

Stock Earnings 10/8-10/15

Even though it may look rough, It was a good week for sure. Learned a lot about who I am as a trader. In my next vlog I talk more about what I did in terms of panic-selling while investing in long term stocks. I would invest in stocks that were trending up, get in at a bad buy point, but then panic when shares would sell off and not trust the process. Lessons Learned.

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, I’m pretty excited!


In todays vlog I stick to the basics. Wake Up, Take care of basic tasks, focus in. The key for me to be most productive while I'm working and optimizing my time is super simple. I stick to the basics.

1. Take care of your body first thing when you wake up. (Cold Shower, Teeth, Coffee, Water)

2. Have a journal with your tasks for the day (It helps to have it written down ;)

3. Get rid of distractions (Phone off, Music on. The Focus playlist on spotify is great!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please leave a like down below if you got any value from my video. Have a great day!

Stock Earnings 10/3-10/8

Stock earnings report for 10/3-10/8. Lessons learned from last week, I’ve noticed a pattern in my trading style. I will do my technical analysis the night before (Plan out my trades, Buy/Sell, Analyze Data, Etc.).

What I’ll then do is plan a trade, make call outs but the following day I either go red for a second, look at indicators and don’t trust the Long Term. Then I’ll usually panic and sell. Mistaken by it just being a pullback and I end up losing out on the profit I had originally called out and planned for. So realistically I’m just running around in circles. Not good, things will change.

More to come next Monday!


We’d be lying if we were to say we don’t get anxious or worried about different aspects of our lives. We’re always focused on what our purpose is, why this or that is happening, and society is displaying this false image of what it’s like to have “fame” or “recognition” with social media.


Think about this, over 18.1% of Americans suffer with some sort of anxiety disorder ( In an instant we can pull out our smartphones and instantly see what our friends & family are up to, we can find information, learn new things, we live in an INSTANTANEOUS society. 

I found myself thinking I have to have that new jacket or go look the way this person looks from my instagram feed so he/she finds me more attractive.

We are all given a unique purpose. Our Personalities, our Character, our Hearts, Interests, etc. All go hand in hand with the purpose God gave us. Don’t get sidetracked or distracted with your purpose by finding it in your phone. Look up and live…


“I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2


We all struggle with our own demons in life. There are good days and then there’s not so good days. We have our reasons for why things don’t go according to plan and sometimes it can just plain suck.


It’s in those moments that we learn from our mistakes, we grow and become better versions of ourselves. If you have a vision and a bump in the road comes along, don’t let that upset the entire dream. 

We all have the same 86,400 seconds in a day, don’t let 60 seconds of those ruin your day. ❤️