Stock Earnings 10/8-10/15

Even though it may look rough, It was a good week for sure. Learned a lot about who I am as a trader. In my next vlog I talk more about what I did in terms of panic-selling while investing in long term stocks. I would invest in stocks that were trending up, get in at a bad buy point, but then panic when shares would sell off and not trust the process. Lessons Learned.

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, I’m pretty excited!

Stock Earnings - 8/17/2018

So, I want to start posting my weekly earnings in the Stock Market here on my blog. To give any readers a chance to see how I'm doing as a beginner trader with a new account. So here are my earnings for the week of 8/13-8/17.

$23.41+ (7.80%)

I started my Robinhood account with $300 and in the past two weeks have been able to get my account to $336 by trading in stocks that I could understand the patterns in and that were trending up 📈

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks earnings report, Catch you next week!