Changing Our Perspective

Perception is everything to me. It's how you look at it, not how it is but your perspective on situations can change how you begin to "see". 

I'd begin by saying I try to be a positive person. I'm not in a rough spot by any means. I try to have a grateful spirit as much as I possibly can. I think in today's society we see different mental illnesses such as depression taking more and more victims as time continues. People are suffering, and now more than ever before we're surrounded with false pictures of what you need to be happy. 

"I have to look like Him/Her to be attractive."

"My success is defined by the amount of money I have."

"If you don't like someone cut them out of your life, pick and choose who you love."

You see we're moving farther and farther away from Gods Perfect Example of Love. God teaches us to Love All, to Be Forgiving, to Be Grateful, to Be Kind, to not let the things of this world bring us down when He is here to lift us up. In my recent post, I was talking about how I deleted social media and when I wanted to get on to post or reply to comments/DM's I'd have to redownload the app. Well, I also started waking up before the sun comes up each and every day. By starting my day early, not waking up and immediately going to my phone, I'm looking at each day as a gift. A gift to wake up with a grateful spirit, connecting with my family more and more, starting my day with God, and so much more "Healthy Habits".


It's how you love others that truly matters, that in itself will change your entire outlook

I think what I'm trying to get at here is there is a serious issue in today's society that is slipping in the cracks. We're disconnected more than ever in a generation of connection. We're spending more time perfecting our feeds rather than perfecting our relationships with others. We're more focused on what clothes we can buy next instead of buying a pair of clothes for a child in need. We're depressed, Anxious, Out of tune with our emotions and how to control them. We need a wake-up call on who we really are...

Nate Grant

Content Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor.