The Summer Vlogs

Summer 2018 is here and I'm so pumped to film more and more VLOGS and step up the content game. 


Last summer I was rocking the Sony A6500 for vlogs after using the Canon 70D since I first started on Youtube. Now, gear isn't everything. But good gear is a tool. I loved the A6500, shot in 4K, smaller than my 70D, more creative picture profiles and features to make it a true "Filmmaking" camera. I chose to sell it after a month or two because I found myself not using it as much as I wanted to. Now that I'm in a groove I want to upgrade again for the vlogs and maybe even snag a 50MM lens to step up my photography game. 

Next month I'll be going to Alaska, which will be a ton of fun and I'm more than excited for it. May or may not upgrade before the so I can take some amazing photos of memories I want to remember forever.

The Summer Vlogs are coming soon. I'm so excited to start pumping out more and more content. Love you guys, as always thank you for the support!

Nathanael Grant

Content Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor.